Item Donation Wishlist

Downsizing or spring-cleaning? Before you toss your old clutter, take a look at the wishlist below and consider making it a donation. These contributions go a long way in cutting back operating expenses.

  • Plain business envelopes
  • 3-Ring binders
  • 3-hole-punch folders
  • Binder clips
  • Large manila envelopes (9″x12″ or larger preferred)
  • Manila folders
  • Office organizers
  • Copy paper
  • Refillable tape dispenser
  • Office stapler
  • Sticky notes
  • Brochure/magazine display holders
  • Flammable liquids safety supply cabinet


How to Donate:

Items may be dropped off in the front vestibule of MAC’s Rivertown address between 10AM and 1PM on Thursdays. Please confirm availability with the admin prior to dropping off any deliveries, by emailing admin at merrillartscenter dot org. Any questions about item donations may be directed there as well.