Rehearsal Change Tonight!

Hi everyone,

Tonight's rehearsal has been changed to just scene work so only those involved in scenes need to come: the family, Schwartz and Flick, Farkus and Dill, Miss Shields, and Jean.
Because of this, Mary has postponed the prairie/PJ try ons that were scheduled for tonight until we are at the Loft. Additionally, she is cancelling the whole cast in opening costumes on Friday night. She would like to see the girls who wear the flapper dresses instead (Friday at 6pm).
We have smaller stacks (3–4 locations each) of posters available for folks. Many of you don't have rehearsal now so we'd love it if you could stop up and grab a stack or two to take to the handful of locations. It shouldn't take you long at all and it would be a huge help!
Alex Berger
Stage Manager