Help Needed- Please Respond!

Hi everyone!

Congratulations on an excellent run! Everyone has so much to be proud of. We have one more ask before we officially put this show to bed. As you all know, the set for this show was massive. As a result, striking it is also a large undertaking. We did not get the last load to MCAC until about 11:00pm last night. Given that it was so late, we were unable to finish strike.
We are looking for people tomorrow night, December 12th at 6:30pm to come to the MCAC scene shop and finish strike. A crew of cast/crew/parents will be able to knock it out in one evening. It would take the set team weeks on their own. Let's support the folks who provided the amazing set for our use. Please respond to this email if you (or a spouse, family member, etc.) will be able to come tomorrow night so we have an idea if we have enough or if we have to reschedule.
Thank you very much!
Alex Berger
Stage Manager