Dear Mary Poppins Cast,

I am delighted to have you all in this incredible cast. As you know, we begin rehearsals on Monday, June 6th at 7pm. That night will be a meet and greet, a discussion of what will be expected, a run-down of important dates, and a handing out of scripts and schedules for the first two weeks. We will run through a few of the big production numbers as well. The staff and I will be laying out the schedule this Friday and will forward it to you as soon as possible—by Saturday.

If you haven’t been measured yet, you can get that done tomorrow, Wednesday, May 25th anytime between noon and 7pm, or on June 6th before 7pm.

We can’t wait to get started on this "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" show. Welcome aboard!


Just a couple communication notes for everyone:
1. Every email sent to you throughout the production process will also be archived on our show's page on the WCT website. You can find these archives here.
2. I am working with our webmaster Winnie Williams to set up a Google Calendar for the production, which will also be embedded in our archives. It will include up-to-date rehearsal information, set construction times, etc.
If you have any questions/concerns in the couple weeks before rehearsals begin, feel free to contact either me (Alex Berger) or Beth Bachman.
Alex Berger

Web Writer/Editor | Office of Institutional Advancement | College of Liberal Arts

Technical Writing & Communication B.S.

University of Minnesota- Twin Cities