Text Version of 6/23–7/8 Rehearsal Schedule

Poppins Rehearsal Schedule: June 23 through July 8

Note the change in tomorrow’s schedule Thursday, June 23.

Thur. June 23 7:00 Mary, Bert, Jane, Michael, Tappers, Drew, Doug, Anna,  Timothy….Step in Time With Heather

Everyone else stay home and practice songs & dance.

Fri. June 24 7:00 Cast: will work/run Super Cal, Holiday, Step in Time, Kite

Mon. June 27 7:00 Jane, Wini, Michael, Mary II.10, p.111-113

7:30 Cast Run Act I off book

Tues. June 28 7:00 Brill, RA, Banks family, Miss Andrew work Act II

7:30 Mary

8:00 Bird Woman, Chairman, VonHussler, Northbrook

Wed. June 29 6:00 Mary, Bert, Banks Family Promos in costume

7:00 Cast in costume thru Jolly Holiday Act I

Thur. June 30 7:00 Banks family, Mary, Brill, RA Spoonful, p.37-40

7:30 Cast Run Act II

Fri. July 1 7:00 Cast Run Act I

Tues. July 5 3:00pm Begin load in to ERHS

5:30pm Stage 2 load in to East Ridge. We plan to be done by 10pm

Wed. July 6 7:00 Cast will rehearse at Merrill. Tech staff at East Ridge.

Thur. July 7 7:00 Cast will rehearse with the orchestra at Merrill. Tech staff at East Ridge.

Fri. July 8 7:00 Cast on stage at East Ridge High School