Reminders & Documents

Hi all,

The Night Music blog is now live. I will aim to post important information here for you as well so you don't need to save "that one email".  http://merrillartscenter.org/category/shows/night-music/
The show blog has a few important links on it:
  1.  Submit your Bio: http://merrillartscenter.org/forms/bio-contact-release/. This is due in the middle of March, so why not get it done early?
  2.  Calendar: It does have a link to the Google Calendar, where we will keep you up to date on who is needed what night and where.
  3. Any email attachments we send to you (less the contact information document) will get posted onto the blog, such as the Meet & Greet document attached to this email.
Unexpected Absences: if you find yourself unexpectedly unable to attend rehearsal or running late, please either call/text me at 651-230-0351 or via email at sarah.smith@merrillartscenter.org.
And from my producer hat….
Tickets: Tickets are on sale now! Send your friends and family here to buy tickets: http://merrillartscenter.org/theatre-tickets/
Facebook: Have you liked Woodbury Community Theater on Facebook yet? Jeanne will be posting promo photos here. Make sure to tag yourself in there and share!