Rehearsal Shedule Nov 3rd thru Nov 7th

Date Wed November 2nd    Here is the rehearsal schedule for November 3rd thru November 7th.

Thursday,  Nov 3rd     7:00 PM   Horton, Mayzie, Gertrude, Cat, #21b, 27b, 28d, 16, 16a & 12a
Friday        Nov 4th    7:00 PM  Entire Cast  –  Sing & Block Act 1.
Saturday   Nov 5th    9:00 AM – Noon  need 4 or 5 Actors to help paint set.
Monday    Nov 7th    7:00 PM    Cat, Hunches, Jojos,  #18, 26
                                     7:30 PM  Cat & Mayzie  #21
                                     8:00 PM   Cat, Horton, Mr.& Mrs. Mayor,  Jojo  #22  and others if we have time
Tuesday    Nov 8th   7:00 PM  Whos, Grinch    #24, 24a, 28 29 
                                     8:00 PM  Gertude, Cat, Bird Girls  #27a, 27b
Wed           Nov 9th   7:00PM  All Cast    Run Act 1  OFF BOOK
Thursday  Nov 10th  7:00 PM  All Cast  Work thru Act 2
Friday        Nov 11th   7:00 PM  to be announced on Wednesday

We are getting down to the wire, it is very important that you get off book.


Sarah Smith, Producer

Merrill Community Arts Center 
Rivertown Campus
380 Rivertown Drive, #200
Woodbury, MN 55125 
office: 651-200-4610
direct/cell: 651-230-0351