Rehearsal Schedule for November 14th to 27th

Here is the schedule for November 14th to the 27th
Monday,   Nov 14th,  7:00 pm             All Cast  Act II
Tuesday,  Nov  15th,  7:00 pm            All Cast  Act II
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we will be trying on Costumes so if you are called at 6:30 PM  that means you are be costumed  please be on time
Wednesday,  Nov 16th,  6:30pm         Cat, Jojos, Horton, Wickershams, Hunches, & Jungle Girls.
                                       7:00pm         All Cast
Thursday,  Nov 17th       6:30               Gertude, Bird Girls, Mayzie, Sour Kangaroo, Myrtle/Judge, Schmitz
                                      7:00 pm         All Cast
Friday,  Nov 18th           6:30pm          Whos, Cadets, Band, Hunters, Fish, Mr & Mrs Mayor
                                     7:00               All Cast
Saturday,  Nov 19th      9:00 AM to Noon    All Cast and parents of Children
                                      We will be loading all costumes, props, and set pieces into East Ridge High School  We hope to be done by noon.
Sunday, Nov 20th         Jerrys Food Store  we need  8 to 10 Cast members in costume  11 am to 1 pm
All Rehearsals are now at East Ridge High School

Monday,  Nov 21st         6:30pm         (Note time)  All Cast  OFF BOOK
Tuesday,  Nov 22nd        6:30pm         All Cast
Wednesday,  Nov 23rd   6:30pm          All Cast
NO Rehearsal on Thursday and Friday.  Have Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you all on the 28th.
We are getting down to the wire it is very important that you not miss any rehearsals if that is posssible.