Closing Week Announcements


I hope you're all enjoying your time off after a very successful opening weekend. I've got a number of announcements/reminders heading into our closing week:

Wednesday, July 27 
11:30 dressing rooms open

12:00 to 12:30 mic checks/props set

12:45 vocal warmups
1:00 performance
Thursday, July 28
5:15 dressing rooms open
6:00 all cast have arrived
5:45 to 6:30 mic check/set props
6:40 vocal warmups
7:00 private performance
Friday, July 29 at 7pm
Saturday, July 30 at 7pm with POTLUCK PRODUCTION PARTY to follow at MCAC
Sunday, July 31 at 3pm with MANDATORY strike (We will provide pizza!)
2. Please remember to return your ERASED scripts/scores to Beth. She has kept track of who all borrowed a script and won't be afraid to track you down this weekend… 🙂
3. If you have not yet ordered one of Jeanne's wonderful photo CDs, make sure to do so no later than Saturday, July 30th! They can be ordered online here. Your headshot and character shot will only be included if you have purchased a CD!
4. Speaking of character shots, Jeanne has finished putting together the poster and it looks great! They are available for purchase at the box office for $20, cash/check made payable to Merrill Community Arts Center. Once you've purchased one, bring a silver/white thin sharpie to have fellow cast/crew members sign them to make an awesome keepsake. Just a heads up, this is all a fundraiser for MCAC so taking pictures of the poster/headshots is not only a violation of copyright, but also hurts Merrill. Thank you for not doing so! 🙂
5. If you have not yet picked up a t-shirt that you ordered, please bring $15 to do so on Wednesday! I also have a few extras so cast/crew/orchestra members who didn't order one initially can come and see me. I will have a better idea of the exact sizes I have left after Wednesday.
Finally, I've talked to a few cast/crew members and they thought it sounded like a fun idea so I'm going to throw it out to everyone! In summer shows past we've often taken a group to get ice cream after one of the matinees (the favorite is Nelson's in Stillwater). It's always been a fun way to include cast/crew members of ALL ages. I'm happy to organize the outing for after our matinee on Wednesday, as I know there's already some people interested. If you're interested AND able to drive, please shoot me a note so we can organize a little ride-sharing. That'd be a huge help. Thanks! 🙂
Enjoy another day off tomorrow and see you all on Wednesday!
Alex Berger

Alex Berger

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