Another photo reminder!

Also, the fabulous show poster is available for sale at the box office at the shows – don’t miss out! We have a limited number 🙂 AND – Jeanne Berget worked hard to get the photo DVDs ready, so please ORDER BY TODAY using the latest link on the cast page if you’d like a wonderful dvd of all the great photos Jeanne has taken! It’s quite the bargain and keepsake! Thx all! Michelle 

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Hi all,

Just a quick reminder that tonight is WCT’s traditional Production Party. It will be held at Merrill after the performance. The party is a potluck and BYOB; alcoholic beverages should be stored in the kitchen. A huge thank you to Sarah, who will be at Merrill from 4:45-5:15 in case you have any food you’d like to drop off before the show. We can’t wait to celebrate with you all; it should be a very special evening!
See you tonight!

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