SOS for Youth


Artistic Director: Kristin Fox

What is SOS?

SOS  is a peer-to-peer educational theatre group meant to empower and encourage teen performers by giving them a performance platform to voice the challenges and concerns they face on a daily basis.  Each performance draws the real challenges teens are facing today, including bullying, drug and alcohol use, gun violence, the effects of racism, depression, suicide, domestic abuse, date rape, drunk driving, texting while driving and more.

What does it mean to be a

SOS Cast Member?

SOS  is a non-profit youth performance troupe with a strong message and a community outreach mission to support teens in making good life choices. We address the tough issues our youth face every day through peer to peer education, outreach and performance.

Our dynamic repertoire of short plays written by cast members helps student audiences identify the signs and understand the real-life consequences of bullying, drug and alcohol use, racism, depression, suicide, domestic abuse, date rape and more. Performers also benefit as they build awareness and self-esteem themselves, and learn new leadership and mentor skills.

Rehearsals are 2 times per week and one Saturday a month. During rehearsals, members are trained in acting and leadership skills and become agents of positive change in the lives of their peers through cutting-edge, powerful drama, community service, and leadership. They display and teach others to make good life decisions based on accountability and responsibility. Members are required to sign a code of ethics. Performances are as they are booked and take place in schools, community spaces, libraries, and convention centers in the Twin Cities area.

Spring 2020 Meet & Greet, January 15th @ 5:00 pm

Cost: $50 per semester

Sides for Auditions —> SOS Audition Sides

Want to get involved? Email kristin at merrillartscenter dot org

To request a performance at your school or community organization, please click HERE.